The old ‘cannonball tree’ is going … going . . . gone!

Photos by Shirley Nadeau


Starting on March 16, tree removal experts slowly and carefully cut off and removed the upper branches of the famous “cannonball tree” at the corner of Rue du Corps-de-Garde and Rue Saint-Louis in Old Quebec.



By March 18, the tree was reduced to this large trunk section, which will be cast in bronze and integrated into a work of art to be placed in the same spot a year from now. Heavy equipment was brought in to free it from its roots before it was loaded on a truck and taken to the Inverness foundry. The “cannonball” (actually the shell of an incendiary bomb) was taken to CFB Valcartier to be checked for any residual gunpowder before being given to the artist, Paryse Martin.  


Photos by Shirley Nadeau