Plans underway for 15th Quebec Celtic Festival

42121_celtic festival tartan.jpg
Photo: Festival celtique de Québec

The tartan of the Quebec Celtic Festival was created by Patrice Lambert MacLeod for the 10th anniversary of the event in 2015. Inspired by the coat of arms of Quebec City, the tartan is designed to be worn as a symbol of pride by all people of Celtic descent, regardless of where they live. The tartan colours represent: blue and white for Scotland and Quebec; green, white and orange for Ireland; four intersecting black lines for Brittany and for history; three broad green stripes for the Irish shamrock; the double orange lines in red stand for the lion rampant in the Scottish flag, and the four white lines in the sequence of colours responding to the black lines repeat the theme of Brittany.

Press release
April 6 was Tartan Day and in spite of the present uncertain situation, a celebratory feeling reigned among the team behind the organization of the Quebec Celtic Festival. Tartan Day was the ideal day to announce that the festival’s 15th edition will be held from Sept. 10 to 12.