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The National Assembly respects the principles of democracy while the Lester B. Pearson School Board might be slightly off

This is the charge made by Chris Eustace in an open letter to this newspaper. He states in the same letter, "The board obfuscates and hides unflattering information about school board business with consultations and committees." He also claims that he has been told by the chairman of the Lester B.

Carnival Winter Wonderland!


We visited the Carnival sites last Friday and were greatly impressed by all the new activities this year. The first thing that really caught our attention on the Plains of Abraham was the Pentathlon des Neiges site, located just in front of the Jardin Jeanne d'Arc, overlooking the main Carnival site.

Building on yesterday to create a new life for St. Michael’s Hall

Photo: Marcel Arteau

The Community Hall of St. Michael's Anglican Church in Sillery was built in 1946 and has since served the needs of countless people and organizations.

It was dedicated by the Governor General of Canada, Lord Alexander of Tunis, to the memory of five of its members, young men who lost their lives in the Second World War.

Faith and culture at St. Patrick’s parish

Since my arrival, from Ontario, at St. Patrick's Parish, I have become more aware of the implications of the distinction between faith and culture than I had been in the past. Legislation enacted, and being enacted, by the Quebec Government has certainly contributed to my awareness.

Gerry O’Brien turns 90

Photo: Robert Martel

John Gerard René O'Brien was born on February 9, 1921, the third son of James J. O'Brien, former QCT employee, and Maria Laperrière.

Congratulations to Shannon Fire Chief Alain Castonguay


At a recent council meeting, the Municipality of Shannon highlighted their Fire Chief Alain Castonguay's 25 years of service.

P.W. Sims Business Internship Program at Champlain-St. Lawrence

Photo: Chris Brosseau

On April 11, 40 third-year St. Lawrence College business students will be performing six-week internships in companies, government departments and not-for-profit organizations where they will get a unique chance to experience the real world of Business Administration and relate it to the knowledge they have built up during their studies at the college.

$400 million arena project gets green light


Last Thursday, Mayor Régis Labeaume and Quebec Premier Jean Charest hosted joint- news conference where they announced their intention to move ahead with the city's elaborate arena project.

The proposed arena comes with a hefty $400 million price tag.

An open letter to the commissioners of the Lester B. Pearson School Board

This week the 125 members of the National Assembly reconvened. They sit courtesy of democratic elections and expected to respect the principles of democracy, which is simply stated as being government by the people for the people.

Contrast those principles with the procedures at the Pearson School Board where diversions mask real problems.

Quebec High School hosts guests from the West

Photo: Fannie Marsh

Quebec High School secondary 2 and 3 students spent a whirlwind week hosting Edmonton students and teachers who were visiting as part of a SEVEC Youth Exchange trip.