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Quebec Heritage News seeking your stories about Marianna O’Gallagher

In commemoration of the life and achievements of the late Marianna O'Gallagher, the Quebec Heritage News is looking for short (300-400 words) personal reminiscences of Marianna for future publication. Marianna touched the lives of so many people in so many ways; we would love to hear your own story. Please send to [email protected] by April 4, 2011.

Je me souviens: Marianna O’Gallagher

Photo: Photo: Harry Palmer

In 1992, Harry Palmer photographed 28 Quebecers and asked them to write a short statement of what Quebec's motto - "Je me souviens" / "I remember" - meant to them. Here is Marianna O'Gallagher's statement and photo of her taken on the Dufferin Terrace overlooking the St. Lawrence River.

"Je me souviens: My present is built from the bricks of my past.

A letter to Marianna and her answering

We all miss you, Marianna. I'll tell you what is happening. It is all going well enough. You're missed you know. Thinking of you can still bring me to tears. Wasn't I at Darragh Murphy's cinq à sept a couple of days ago and weren't we there together last year, and you your old self telling stories of how it was? But then everyone misses you, Marianna.

Remembering Marianna

Marianna O'Gallagher was my second cousin and in her last years a true confidant and friend.

As a child, I remember this smiling Sister of Charity at many family events. In my junior high school years she was also my teacher. I was treated with the same care and attention as the others and that was with a no-nonsense but clearly-defined rule of interesting course work.

Yanni to perform at the Grand Theatre

large_yanni for gonzo.jpg
Photo: Courtesy of Tanya Sakolsky

Yanni will take the stage on Friday, April 1, at the Grand Theatre as part of his North American tour supporting his new release, Truth of Touch. The multi-platinum and Grammy-nominated artist released his latest CD on February 8.

Leaps, Lyrics and Lore: The 45th annual Shannon Irish Show


The Shannon Irish Show was held on Saturday, March 12, bringing more than 500 people to the tiny town of Shannon. Undoubtedly ready for the upcoming St. Patrick's Day celebrations, the crowd proudly wore green, adding green shamrock stickers that were given at the door. Some patrons were Irish, and some wished they were Irish, but all were happy to be there.

Desmond O’Neill - Grand Marshall of the Défilé de la St-Patrick de Québec

Photo: Courtesy O’Neil family

Desmond O'Neill was born in 1927 in la Basse-Ville near la Rivière St-Charles. His father Tom was a ship chandler who co-owned Drolet and O'Neill grocery store, and who also kept a riding stable near the Plains of Abraham. During the Great Depression [1929-1939] he worked as a ship inspector, and he and his partners managed to keep their properties.

Bringing back the green - Second Edition


Real vision is the ability to see the invisible. -Jonathan Swift

And invisible it was from our streets for no less than 84 years until Quebec City's St. Patrick's Day Parade
reappeared for its successful revival in March, 2010.

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English-speaking caregivers across Quebec who are experiencing difficulty coping with the mental illness of a loved one are invited to participate in support groups over the telephone.