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“When the going gets tough, the tough get going”

Arriving at last(2).jpg
Photo: Bill Cox

This is what came to mind when I saw the canoe on the St. Lawrence River at the Immigration Wharf (Cap-Rouge) or, more specifically La Plage Jacques Cartier. They were practising for the Winter Carnival race to be held at the end of this month and a second race in February. They will be crossing the river and back from Quebec to Levis.


Preparing for a move last spring, I packed my oil colors, canvases and easel thinking that I’d probably not get back to them again until next fall. I haven’t painted for a few years now, since I’ve taken up writing. This got me thinking about motivation.

Protect yourself and those you love: Legal Advice for Caregivers

I don’t know about you, but legal terms such as: Mandate in Case of Incapacity, Power of Attorney, Do Not Resuscitate Order, and Last Will and Testament, strike the fear of God into me! These terms refer to important legal documents which are the cornerstones of health-care planning. Most of us would rather play ostrich than think about them.

2011 Democracy

Canada will have a great opportunity to improve its democratic process and the electoral turnout rate this year during the federal elections. By consulting Canadians with a referendum on their priorities during the ballot, the country would indeed take a major step towards fairness, equality and common prosperity.

Homage to haggis goes off without a hitch

Photo: Michael Bourguignon

Depending on whom you ask, you can call him Robbie Burns, Rabbie Burns or simply ‘the Bard’ – just as long as you don’t call his followers late to supper. More than 60 such devotees honoured the memory of Scotland’s national poet during this year’s annual Robbie Burns Night at the Quebec Garrison Club.

Saint-Grégoire – Culture across the bridge

Photo: Chris Lepan

Beyond the factories of Trois-Rivières, just across the Pont Laviolette to the other side of the St. Lawrence River, lies the small village of Saint-Grégoire, a place where history is never forgotten.

Beet it! New de-icing product being tested on Quebec highway


The Ministry of Transport has been doing a study this winter on a 40-kilometre stretch of Highway 20 near Rivière-du-Loup, between Notre-Dame-du-Portage and Cacouna. Being tested is a new, environmentally friendly de-icing and anti-icing product made from an extract of sugar beet juice mixed with road salt.

Governors Promenade closed for the winter due to work on Dufferin Terrace

Photo: Louis Michel / Parks Canada

As a follow up on Dufferin Terrace construction work, Parks Canada has announced that the Governors Promenade will also be completely closed until spring 2011. The entrance to the Promenade via the terrace was closed last fall due to the major repairs under way. The entrance to the Promenade on the Plains of Abraham is also now closed during the winter months.

Possible winter opening of Gilmour Hill: NBC meets with Mayor Labeaume

Photo: Shirley Nadeau

On Tuesday, January 18, representatives of the National Battlefields Commission (NBC) met with Quebec City Mayor Régis Labeaume to discuss his interest in having (Côte) Gilmour Hill open year round, thus facilitating traffic into the downtown area from Boulevard Champalin.

Chevrolet Volt comes to the Quebec City Market

Hydro-Québec and Chevrolet Canada today announced a new partnership by which Hydro-Québec will integrate 20 Chevrolet Volts into its fleet, starting in 2011.