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Memorials and Things of Fame


The Quebec Chronicle 

Mount Hermon awaits word on renovation funding

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Photo: Ken Schankler

The historic Mount Hermon Cemetery on Chemin Saint Louis in Sillery is awaiting final word from Parks Canada regarding a government contribution toward renovations now underway at the 160-year-old burial ground.

St. Matthews Cemetery

We are certainly pleased to read about the repairs to what is called "St. Matthew's Cemetery."

François Vincent Kiowarini

Re: The Huron-Wendat nation honours Francois .. QCT August 12, 2009, page 4.

I am a resident of Stittsville (Ottawa) who enjoys reading the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph regularly. Congratulations on a usually well-written and interesting paper. I needed, unfortunately though, to relay to you my keen disappointment in two errors in the article`s title on the passing of François Vincent, a well-known Huron-Wendat cultural leader.

Buildings Come and Go

Because things are changing all the time, buildings come down and newer ones go up, sometimes you come to a corner and can't figure out just where you are. Once you become accustomed to the new surroundings, you forget what was there before.

Finally! Saint Brigid’s expansion project gets rolling


Artist rendition of the expansion of Saint Brigid's Home. Foundation work began last week.

Memorials and Things of Fame


A Dash, a Pinch and a Smidgen of Fun Facts from the past:


Students dig archeology

Photo: courtesy of Michel Plourde

Over 100 activities will take place throughout the province in August as part of Archeology month.

"Archeology allows people to connect with their heritage, and local history," says archeologist and professor Allison Bain.

Sillery work on the road

Photo: Samantha Ridout

Construction on Oak avenue in Sillery is expected to end at the beginning of October.

The city has not busted its $2,2 million budget for changing the aqueduct and sewage piping, as well as repaving the streets which are dug up.

"So far the progress is satisfactory," said city spokesman Jacques Péron.

The Huron-Wendat nation honours François Vincent Kiowarini

Under a vast blue sky dotted with cloud puffs, the Huron-Wendat nation gathered to honour one of theirs at this year's annual pow wow organized by Tourisme Wendake. François Vincent Kiowarini passed away last February but the legacy of his cultural contributions and historical research live on.