Promotion of the P.W. Sims Program at Champlain St.Lawrence


Every year, students from St. Lawrence College must form groups to organize an event. This has been the case lately with students from the P.W. Sims Program, a 3-year DEC-BAC business program that is offered by the Champlain Saint-Lawrence College. For their communication class, the students had to host an event while managing every step leading to the outcome of this project. One group consisting of five students came out with the idea to promote the program by meeting with companies and to inform some businesses around Quebec city in order to make contacts for future internships.

The 5 students settled appointments with four companies, which they would meet in teams of 2 or three;  theses companies being Pratte et Morissette, SIMP et Komutuel, Desjardins and La chambre de Commerce.The group met with the companies using different channels such as:  Power Point Presentation, a video, and of course, their speeches.    

The companies seemed very pleased and gave positive feedback to the team, especially if we refer to the photos that were taken when the meeting would be over. Friends, contacts and relations were made, all to say that the event was a success!