QCT 250th anniversary makes the news

250 years of English-language press in Quebec City garners bilingual press attention

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Photo: Françoise Paradis for the QCT

QCT journalists gather around the historical plaque the Ville de Québec unveiled Monday. The bilingual plaque marks the QCT's palais de la presse, where the QCT was printed from 1925-1949.

We're delighted to report that a tradition of 250 years of English-language news is newsworthy to other media, too.  The anniversary has already garnered bilingual media attention, and we anticipate more.

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If you know of a news outlet that might be interested in the story of Quebec City's only English-language newspaper, and North America's oldest paper, do let us know. We'd be delighted to pass on photographs and arrange for interviews with our team and "alumni."

Media coverage list: 

We will update this list as we become aware of additional coverage. Please let us know if you spot the QCT in the news. Updates can be sent to [email protected] or via our Facebook page.

Anniversary week photos on Facebook

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16 June 2014

19 June 2014
20 June 2014
  • CBC Quebec AM - 3 QCT contributors discuss the paper's past, present & future: Clive Meredith, Bill Cox, and Bethann G. Merkle
  • CBC Breakaway - The QCT's 250 years in less than 250 seconds (give or take a few seconds), as recounted by historian Charles André Nadeau. 
Following the anniversary week (22 June 2014 and later)
Storify of QCT media and social media coverage
This is a visual and interactive web-based list of links, articles, images, and videos about the QCT's anniversary. "Storify" itself is an online platform that enables users to curate content in order to tell a story. In our case, we collected a lot of the online content generated during the anniversary week, and compiled it into one "Storify" that showcases it all.