QHS students raise over $100,000 for the Terry Fox Foundation

111319_QHS terry fox.jpg
Photo: Shirley Nadeau

Principal Warren Thomson, vice-principal JoAnne Arsenault, former Quebec High School teacher Donna Hicks and physical education teacher Ricky Dwyer hold a giant cheque for $101,309.72, representing the grand total raised by the QHS community for the Terry Fox Foundation over the past 20 years.

A special assembly was held in the gymnasium of Quebec High School (QHS) on Nov. 8 to reveal the grand total of funds raised for the Terry Fox Foundation by students and staff at the school over the past two decades.

Physical education teacher Danny Weston introduced retired QHS teacher Donna Hicks, who played a huge role as the Terry Fox Run campaign co-ordinator over many years. “She was responsible for etching a tradition at our school that we are very proud of,” said Weston.

In reply, Hicks said, “It wasn’t me, it was a team of teachers, students, secretaries, principals, everybody who worked together over the past 20 years to raise this money. It was a team effort, it was community, it was a fantastic effort. Congratulations Quebec High School.”

Secondary 1 student Noah Faubert – who went beyond the call of duty and raised $445 for this year’s campaign – was awarded a special plaque by Hicks in recognition of his efforts.

By means of a video presentation of students running in the most recent Terry Fox Run, Weston revealed the total raised this year – $4,413.70 – and then the grand total for the past 20 years – $101,309.42! The gym resounded with cheers as the students applauded each other for their efforts. It is an amazing accomplishment for a school with a student population of only 340.

Principal Warren Thomson said, “To think that we asked for donations of a buck a person and we average $10 per student. In the whole country we are one of the schools that collects the most money per capita for the Terry Fox Foundation. This year the students raised over $4,000, that’s something special. It’s a very important event in our fall calendar. The kids respond well. One way or another, they’ve all been touched by cancer, so they understand the importance of getting involved in their community and doing a little fundraising for a good cause.”

Community development agent Ed Sweeney said that a couple of years ago, Terry’s brother Fred Fox came to visit QHS because it had been “red-flagged” as a school that raised an unusually high amount of money per capita. “We had a young student who died of cancer a few years ago, and the following year the school raised over $14,000 for the Terry Fox Run. Now we’re into Christmas Hampers. As soon as that is over, we’ll be into Leucan, the shaved-head challenge, and we’ve just held a blood donor clinic. It’s just something we teach the kids, to give back to the community. We say we have four pillars – academics, athletics, arts and active citizenship. We really strive to do things for others.”

Congratulations to the students and staff of Quebec High School for your continued support of these worthy causes.