Rediscover Quebec City with a guided tour

8520_guided tour.jpg
Photo: Wikimedia Commons - Public Domain

This bust of Pierre Dugua de Mons was installed on a terrace overlooking Dufferin Terrace, near the Citadel in Quebec City on July 3, 2007. Dugua de Mons was an explorer and trader who oversaw the founding of Port Royal in Acadia (present-day Annapolis Royal, N.S.), and Quebec City.

In any other year, tour guide Claude Beauchamp wouldn’t think of going on vacation in July. For Beauchamp and his fellow guides, the summer months usually mean an endless flow of cruise ships and tour groups. But guiding, like so many other industries, has been turned upside down by the pandemic, and for months, tourists in Vieux-Québec have been conspicuous by their absence.