Save Your Children!

We must feed their talents, their dreams, and their hopes. But first, we must feed their empty stomachs with rich nutrients; something they can’t afford.

Photo: Kristina Giguere, Camille Boulanger, Florence Demers, Mr.Foy

Situated at the heart of the Saint-Sauveur neighborhood, Pignon Bleu is the primary actor in the fight against poverty in the region of Quebec. Created since 1991, this foundation is a unique resource where children aged from 0 to12 years, families and people without employment may find help and support.   This multiservice organization offers three main categories of services: Nutrition, education, employment. Le Pignon Bleu is a warm, welcoming and safe place for children and adults to attend.

On Tuesday night, April 9th, from 7PM to 10PM, a beneficiary dinner was held at the Cochon Dingue on Rene-Lévesque. This event was organized by three students of the PW Sims program at the Champlain St-Lawrence College. Through a communication class, students were asked to organize an event in goal to collect an amount of money to be donated to a foundation. Camille Boulanger, Florence Demers and Kristina Giguere devoted most of their energy into this project. Their project has collected a total profit of 7150$. Their hard work has paid off and they will be able to offer 21000 snacks to children, this completing one third of Pignon Bleu’s goal for the summer season. The PDG of Pignon Bleu was present at the Cochon Dingue to celebrate the success of the event and was very glad to see how young entrepreneur could organize such a successful event and collect a big amount of money.

Camille Boulanger, Florence Demers and Kristina Giguere, along with the St-Lawrence Business program would like to say a big thank-you to all generous people who were present at the event who made the night a real success, to the Cochon Dingue who has offered us the best place and an excellent staff to make the event perfect, to Laurence Boulanger, Simon and Jean-Philippe Leclerc who donated a generous donation of $3,500, also a big thank-you to Andre Boulanger who has greatly helped to make this event possible.