Security perimeter erected around church

52219_grand allee.jpg
Photo: Jonathan Letellier-Black

The Ville de Québec is erecting a security perimeter around Église Saint-Coeur-de-Marie on Grande Allée as a precaution until its future is decided in the courts.

Traffic on Grande Allée in front of Église Saint-Coeur-de-Marie will be restricted for an indefinite period due to the erection of a large security perimeter around the front of the church. City officials say there is no immediate risk of the 100-year-old building collapsing but, further to a judge’s decision, a security perimeter of concrete blocks was ordered built as a precaution. Traffic was rerouted from Grande Allée while the blocks were installed.*  Earlier this month, the owner of the property had a wire fence erected around the building.

The church has been the subject of a dispute between a developer, who wants to demolish the building and the City, which has not approved plans for conversion of the church into housing units. The developer, Louis Lessard, went to court seeking immediate demolition, citing a report on the condition of the building that determined there is a serious risk of collapse due to water damage.

The dispute is slated to be before the court again in late June. Some concerns have been raised about the impact the barrier will have on traffic with big events in the Old City looming, such as the Festival d’Été.

*NOTE: On May 22, the Ville de Québec sent out a message informing citizens that the obstruction of traffic on Grande Allée is now partially lifted.  

Two lanes on the south side of Grande Allée, in the section between Rue de Claire-Fontaine and Cours du Général-De Montcalm are now open. Vehicles can drive in both directions until further notice.


The security perimeter is established near the front of Église Saint-Coeur-de-Marie to prevent any stones that may be dislodged from falling on the public roadway.

To find out if the road may be blocked in the future, citizens are invited to consult the Ville de Québec website at, in the Citoyens (citizens) section, and then in the Travaux dans les rues (street works) section.