Speed limits and their enforcement

After the unification of City of Quebec, I had hopes that there would be some rationalization of the bizarre speed limits we endure every day. I'm still waiting.

It is absolutely obscene that boul Hamel west of Duplessis/Airport is a 50 kmh zone. It is a wide semi-rural highway which is nowhere near as busy as boul Hamel east of that intersaction which is set at a more reasonable 70 kmh. I drove through a radar trap at 75kmh on the western stretch and did not get stopped, but the unlucky driver behind me probably got a ticket for 80 (which is the de facto limit) in a 50 zone. This is ridiculous and unjust.

The 50 kmh zone on the route 40 north service road between Jean Gauvin and Le Gendre is just as crazy. Airport blvd north of Hamel at 50 kmh is also unfair.

How can we expect people to respect these limits when everyone, including the police, know that they are unrealistic. It's a farce and I hope Le Maire will soon rid us of these ghosts of the City of Ste-Foy.

Published in the May 19, 2010 Edition