STREET VIEWS: The story behind Rue du Corps-de-Garde


4721_street corps de garde.jpeg
Photo: Screenshot from Google Maps

Rue du Corps-de-Garde is a short street in Old Quebec that runs off Rue Saint-Louis toward the Parc du Cavalier-du-Moulin, seen in the distance above the fortified wall. The iconic “cannonball tree” in the foreground was cut down and removed in mid-March. A work of art, including a bronze replica of the trunk and the cannonball, will be erected in the same location next year.

This short dead-end street in the Old City that runs off Rue Saint-Louis has been very much in the public eye lately, as it is where the iconic “cannonball tree” used to stand. A footpath and stairs lead toward the fortified walls of the Parc du Cavalier-du-Moulin.