Tom White in action!


Quebec City artist Tom White has been painting his eggs during the 40 days of Lent for the past 35 years. He begins “when the sap rises in the spring,” he explained, “when life comes back to the earth.” White’s eggs are colourful and feature friendly faces and animals. “I always sign them first; if I don’t, I have no place.” This year’s eggs are signed Quebec 400. He developed a process to create his eggs. White works with unbreakable plastic eggs these days. “I used to do it on real eggs, but I want people to manipulate them; I want them to be shared.” He covers them in bits of various colours of tissue paper, like collage. He uses a spoon to flatten the covering. From there, White pulls out a fine point pen and begins drawing his unique designs. Next the eggs are shellacked. White is nomadic and can be found, with his eggs in tow, in different places in St-Jean-Baptiste. Above: White hard at work on one of his eggs at a café. Catch him and his eggs around town before Easter!