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Beaver magazine weaves city’s history

Classical guitar, heavy metal and prog rock

Winter Carnival 2008 [photo 2]

Winter Carnival 2008 [photo 3]

Septune at Université Laval, Agaguk in the snow

James Allan presenting the haggis along with piper Alan Stairs

VEQ’s 400th anniversary plans are coming together

Voice of Engish-speaking Québec is rallying the troops this spring during the May long weekend with a full schedule of events for residents and visitors alike. 
Their hopes are to woo English-speakers back to their roots during 2008 and enc

Dina Bélanger to be celebrated

Voices from the Crossroads begins

Urbanopolis questions impact of cities

Hyper green_Z2P6266.jpg
Photo: Idra Labrie

We here at The Beat feel that it is our duty to keep you updated with the latest activities of Quebec City’s 400th birthday celebrations. Going forward with this week’s edition and every other week, we will make it a priority to keep you posted on some of the events you might want to attend, visit or participate in.

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