“I Want To Pogne” - Céline Dion and Quebec Nationalism

In 1989 the Quebec comedy troupe Rock et Belles Oreilles came out with an album called ‘Pourquoi Chanter?’ (Why Sing?). It was a compilation of original compositions sung by members of the troupe, poking fun at a variety of political and social issues which were raging at that time.

Battle of the St. Lawrence, Part 3

"A Roar like Thunder:" The sinking of HMCS Shawinigan, November 24, 1944

Photo: Canadian Navy archives

On November 27, 2010, in Port-aux-Basque, NL, the Canadian Navy honoured the 90 crewmembers of HMCS Shawinigan, lost during the Battle of the St. Lawrence. This is the third of five articles about this event.

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