Total eclipse of the full and supermoon

blood moon.jpg
Photo: Jay Ouellet

QCT photographer Jay Ouellet captured this photo of a full, super, blood, harvest moon which is eclipsed as it passes through the Earth’s shadow on Sunday, September 27.Ouellet said he spent the evening “away from the madding crowd, the stress of life ... a gift from the Cosmos…. It was a night to remember, as our minds composed poems. This photo was taken of the dark skies in Neuville, with an TEC telescope and an Olympus camera body.” 

Sunday night's combination of a full moon which also happens to be a supermoon (when the orb is closest to the Earth), and a total eclipse of the moon, is a rare occurrence. It has been 30 years since the last one, and this three-in-one phenomenon will not happen for another 18 years, in 2033.  

This month’s moon is also known as the “harvest moon” because of the season of the year, and a “blood moon” because of its reddish colour during the eclipse.  

It will be a while before a total lunar eclipse of any kind can be seen from the Earth. According to NASA, the next total lunar eclipse will occur on January 31, 2018, and will be visible in Asia, Australia and North America.