V for Vaccination: Give it your best shot!

51221_vaccination mary jane.jpg
Photo: Mary Jane Gray

The winner of the QCT coffee mug is Mary Jane Gray, who lives in Lévis. Thank you to everyone who participated in our V for Vaccination photo challenge.

For the past month we have encouraged readers to take a photo of themselves, flashing a V for vaccination, as a symbol of our community’s victory over the virus. Thank you to everyone who participated. The names of those who sent us their photos were put into a hat for a draw to win a QCT coffee mug, and the winner is . . . *drum roll* . . . Mary Jane Gray!

As of this writing, nearly 3.8 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been administered around the province, to more than 3.6 million Quebecers. Are you one of them? As of May 12, anyone 25 or older can now schedule their own vaccination online at clicsante.ca. Younger adults who are essential workers or who have certain chronic health conditions and disabilities can also schedule appointments now. By May 14, all Quebec residents 18 or older will be eligible for vaccination. Health Canada recently approved the Pfizer vaccine for younger age groups, and Health Minister Christian Dubé has said he hopes young people aged 12-17 will be able to receive their first doses by the end of the school year.

If all eligible Quebecers get vaccinated as soon as possible and the number of cases goes down further each day, we can allow ourselves to return to a more normal life, spending quality time with friends and family again, outdoors, in our homes, and in restaurants, bars and theatres. Students will be able to return to class in person full-time, employees will hopefully return to work in person and we’ll all be able to go shopping without fear.



QCT sports reporter Luc Lang sent us this shot seconds after receiving his first Moderna vaccine on May 4 at Le Relais Ski Centre in Lac-Beauport.  Selfie by Luc Lang



Jean Côté and QCT journalist Lise Lafond sent us their V for Vaccination photo after receiving their Pfizer shots at the Centre multifonctionnel Rolland-Dion in Saint-Raymond.  Photo courtesy of Lise Lafond