‘Videos from the North Pole’ are a real FUNraiser

121620_CCHC shirley.JPG
Photo: Mrs. Claus

HO! HO! HO! This is Mrs. Claus (Shirley Nadeau, chair of the Community Christmas Hamper Campaign organizing committee), who has been busy recording Christmas greetings to send to children over the holidays.

It is unlikely to surprise anyone to learn that the Coronavirus Grinch prevented Santa from dropping by the Jeffery Hale Hospital this year for the HO! HO! HO! Here We Go Again children’s Christmas party that usually takes place in the Coin Soleil. This annual get-together for English-speaking parents and their young children has become a holiday tradition for many families in our community.

Never fear! I am happy to report that not even a pandemic could stop the dedicated volunteers of the Wellness Centre from bringing smiles to the faces of little ones living in our local red zone. Volunteers from our EPIQ (English-speaking Parents in Quebec City) activity group decided to offer English-speaking families a chance to order a “video from the North Pole” personalized especially for their child for only $10 each.

Even daycare and elementary school classes were able to join in the fun by ordering a video for $25. Moreover, the EPIQ group agreed that 100 per cent of the proceeds would go toward the 25th annual Community Christmas Hamper Campaign.

Many elves worked busily behind the scenes to make this win-win project come to life. Some volunteer performers dressed up as Santa, others as Mrs. Claus and still others as one of Santa’s elves. Each person worked safely from the comfort of his or her own home, after receiving a personalized text by email to enable them to record a short, sweet video for each child, family or class.

Several community members and organizations also helped to make “videos from the North Pole” possible. I would like to thank them personally for their commitment to this creative holiday initiative:

The Quebec Art Company for providing a Santa suit.

Maria Hoyt and Dominique Paddack of Voice of English-speaking Québec for chauffeuring the jolly suit around town.

Diane Kameen, communications advisor with Jeffery Hale Community Partners, who faithfully oversaw the blog page featuring a contact-free PayPal button.

Ed Sweeney, community development co-ordinator at Quebec High School, and Azanie Roy of the Morrin Centre, who made sample videos to help guide our North Pole volunteer performers.

Elise Holloway and Amanda Heath, EPIQ’s administrative elves, who ran the project behind the scenes and even taught an old dog like me how to use Google Drive!

Laine Bioletti (all the way from Hawaii!), Sarah Blair, Fatima Boorman, Doris Cunningham, Andreea Dumitru Tudor, Dominic Dupuis, Shirley Nadeau and Jeremy Roy, who served as the video production staff.

To date, this little FUNraiser has added $325 to the Hamper Campaign coffers and has put a twinkle in the eyes of many little ones during this highly unusual COVID-19 Christmas season. So, HO! HO! HO! Here’s hoping that you and your family find your own creative ways to have safe and joyful holidays!