Where in Quebec...

A fun new site has been launched that poses the question 'How well do you know Quebec City?'

www.whereinquebec.com will post a new photo from somewhere in the greater Quebec City area about every four days. Your mission is to guess the location in the photo. We might wander to the south shore or over to St-Anne but we’ll try to stay mostly to Quebec/Ste-Foy/Sillery.

Leave your guess in the comments. Comments will be kept hidden until the answer is revealed. To view the comments and answers to previous entries, simply click on the photo's heading. You must give your name and email address to post a response. Good hunting!

Do you have a photo you think would work well for this site? As long as you know exactly where it was taken (sorry, ‘Old Quebec’ is too vague), feel free to send it along to [email protected].