Would you like to receive a copy of the QCT’s special 250th Anniversary Edition?

250th edition.jpg

The front cover of the 250th Anniversary Edition features a photo of fireworks over the St. Lawrence River by Jay Ouellet.

This 56-page glossy magazine, published on June 21, 2014, contains commentaries from Ray and Stacie Stanton, the owners and publishers of the QCT, along with an introduction from the magazine's editorial team.

Nine distinguished contributors - including members of the city's English-speaking community, an editorialist from Le Soleil, a former U.S. Consul General, Global Montreal's news director/station manager - offer thought-provoking essays about the past and future of community newspapers. This section is enlivened by historical photographs from the QCT archives and unique illustrations of each contributor.

And that's only the first 22 pages!

The rest of the edition provides a detailed history of the birth of the press in the city and the province, and biographies of the key figures involved in the life of North America's Oldest Newspaper. This section was meticulously researched and written by historian Charles André Nadeau.

All copies are now sold out, but a PDF of the special edition is now available free of charge on our website at  https://www.qctonline.com/digital_qct/2014/250_anniversary.pdf