August 12 2020 Edition

Lebanese Quebecers pledge support for Beirut

Photo: Shirley Nadeau

Marie-Anne Dayé and Jacques Fadous don’t usually seek out the spotlight. She’s a journalist and author; he’s a research agronomist. But when an explosion devastated large parts of their parents’ native city, Beirut, the two childhood friends knew they had to do something.

OSQ returns to the stage at the Grand Théâtre

81220_OSQ back.JPG
Photo: Shirley Nadeau

After almost six months of not performing in public, the musicians of the Orchestre Symphonique de Québec (OSQ) were thrilled to be back onstage at the Grand Théâtre on Aug. 14 to play for a sold-out, live audience.

A re-tired flower arrangement

Photo by Bill Cox


Modern methods mean mine waste not going to waste

I grew up in the shadow of a mountain of tailings. Well, it wasn’t quite in the shadow, but it seemed everywhere you turned you were looking up at a giant hill of waste from the dozens of gold mines surrounding that Northern Ontario town.

Urbanist Mackey slams impact of tramway on Montcalm

81220_tramway paul.jpg
Photo: Screen capture from BAPE webcast

Montcalm will be condemned to deteriorate.” That was the main thrust of urbanist Paul Mackey’s presentation to the Bureau des audiences publiques sur l’environnement (BAPE) on the city’s tramway plan. The mission of the BAPE, a government body, is to advise the environment ministry about projects that may affect the environment, and to gather public opinion by means of hearings.


81220_memorials greenhouse.jpg
Photo: Wikimedia Commons - Public Domain

August 12, 1870 – The Morning Chronicle

From COVID-19 to Manic-5

Photo: Kimberly Nadeau

I have been all across this magnificent country of ours, visited all 10 provinces from Victoria, B.C., to Greenspond, N.L. (the land of my ancestors). Yet I have always wanted to visit the far north, beyond the treeline to the tundra.

Things to do with empty toilet paper tubes


81220_toilet paper rolls.jpg
Photo: Lise Lafond

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, people have been stocking up on toilet paper, and many may now have a year’s supply of this soft, white, one-time-use tissue . . . but when the paper’s finished, what do you do with the cardboard tube? The empty tubes are recyclable, but the human reflex is to toss them in the wastebasket, so they never make it to the recycling bin.

OBITUARY: Christopher Donald Frank ROSS

81220_ross obit.png

Christopher Donald Frank ROSS
Feb. 6, 1942 - Aug. 5, 2020


81220_riva obit.jpg

John F. RIVA

John Riva died July 29, 2020 at Hôtel-Dieu de Québec at the age of 91. Born June 17, 1929 in Voltago, Belluno, Italy, he was predeceased by his parents Costante Olivo Riva and Genoveffa Case. He emigrated in 1947 and from 1966 lived in Quebec.

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