February 12 2014 Edition

Celebrate 250: Community Essay Competition

Perhaps you're not the type to write a Letter to the Editor but have an insightful point of view you want to share. Or maybe you wonder whether the Letters to the Editor section has enough room to print all your opinions.

News Digest February 12, 2014

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Building Bonhomme’s Ice Palace

ice palace2.JPG
Photo: Ruby Pratka

Growing up in Quebec City, Marc Lepire dreamed of building Bonhomme Carnaval's ice palace. When he was 11, Marc began helping his father, Michel Lepire, build decorative sculptures for Carnaval. Every year he would watch the legendary Gaston Fortier and his team build Bonhomme's palace, first at Place d'Youville, then opposite the National Assembly and finally on the Plains of Abraham.

Quebec City Women’s Club Bursary Program

The Quebec City Women's Club's Bursary Program aims to encourage higher education among women by awarding bursaries to women of the Greater Quebec City area.

Michel Pleau, Canada’s Parliamentary Poet Laureate

Photo: Photo courtesy of Michel Pleau

For Michel Pleau, it all began with the whisper of the wind in the trees. The Quebec City poet says a childhood trip to a cabin in the Laurentians with his family awakened his eight-year-old self to the wonders of nature.

"I was a little guy from Basse-Ville; I played in a cement courtyard and saw the sky in squares," recalls the good-humoured writer.

Musées de la civilisation à Québec given an exceptional donation

On February 6, Michel Côté, executive director, and Margaret Margaret Delisle, chair of the board of directors of the Musées de la civilisation in Quebec City, held a press conference to promote an exhibit of precious artworks that are part of a donation made by Eastern Township collectors and philanthropists Pierre and Véronique Riverin.

Random Acts of Kindness at Ste-Foy Elementary School


At our school, Ste-Foy Elementary, we decided to host an activity during the month of February. We are collecting the random acts of kindness we see. We write the acts of kindness on a piece of paper and them we put them on a red string all through the front hall. We hope to encourage people to be kind to each other.

The Barefoot Professor ... Any Footprints? at the Morrin Centre


Dr. William Buck was born in Missouri in 1933 during the Great Depression into a family who lived modestly on a farm.

CQSB Parents’ Committee proud of their children’s accomplishments

As parents whose children attend schools of the Central Québec School Board, we are very proud of our children's accomplishments and of the fact that we are one of the top school boards in the province. Here are a few 2012 statistics that support us being at the top:
- CQSB successful graduation rate: 85.9% (10% higher than the provincial rate)

Volunteers sought to help us celebrate our 250th in style

We're gearing up for a jubilant 250th anniversary celebration in June, and would like to share some of the fun. We are looking for a handful of motivated QCT readers who are interested in volunteering on our anniversary committee.

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