February 7 2018 Edition

A warm Calgarian breakfast on a cold Carnival morning

calgarian breakfast.jpg
Photo: Cassandra Kerwin
    Bright sun and cold weather brought crowds out to Place d’Youville on Feb. 3 for the 61st annual Calgary Stampede Flapjack Breakfast. More than 4,000 sausages were roasted and as many flapjacks were flipped, to the delight of everyone. 

Strong current, wind, big floes and snow? No problem for ice canoe paddlers

ice canoe_wax.jpg
Photo: Cassandra Kerwin
On Feb. 4, at first glance, the weather felt just right: cloudy sky, snowing and warmer weather than the day before. Things were a tad rougher out on the St. Lawrence River. Nearly 50 teams of ice canoe paddlers were ready to face everything in the Winter Carnival Ice Canoe Race. 

Katherine Bleeker displays her Bonhomme mania

bonhomme mania.jpg
Photo: Photo by Shirley Nadeau

Local resident Katherine Bleeker is crazy about Quebec City’s Winter Carnival.

She has an amazing collection of Bonhomme Carnaval effigies (those small plastic figures of the chubby white carnival mascot that have been sold during Carnival every year since 1955) pinned to a ceinture fléchée (the traditional colourful Carnival sash) draped above her fireplace.

Memorials and Things of Fame

February 7, 1868 – The Morning Chronicle

The story behind Côte d’Abraham

street_abraham martin.jpg
Photo: Credit: uppercanadahistory.ca via Wikimedia Commons (Public Domain)
This street is named in honour of Abraham Martin (1589-1664), also known as L’Écossais (the Scot). Connecting the St. Charles River valley to the upper part of the city, the original footpath or trail passed by the northern edge of the property of Abraham Martin, whose house was situated in the Saint-Jean-Baptiste neighbourhood.  

The Philanthropist, just as fascinating the second time around

Photo: Shirley Nadeau
The theatre of the newly-named Jeffery Hale Student Centre hosted the encore and final showings of The Philanthropist, a multimedia theatre presentation about the life of the man himself – Jeffery Hale – on Feb. 2 and 3. 

Letter to the Editor - Re: Ross Cottage

margaret oman.jpg
Photo: courtesy of Margaret Oman

I read with interest the recent article “Ross Cottage on the Move” [by Mark Lindenberg in the Jan. 17, 2018, edition]. I also often wondered about the history of the cottage and who owned it. I have a small, personal connection to who lived there at one time.

The 28th edition of the Semaine du Prévention du Suicide

Winter affects everyone differently. While some people enjoy the cold, others tend to feel more depressed. The Centre de Prévention du suicide (CPS) organizes a week in February dedicated to suicide prevention. This year, the 28th edition is taking place Feb. 4-10.

What’s the point of all these shopper loyalty cards?

Peter_Black_head shot USEa.jpg

So, there we were last week at the checkout at a grocery store belonging to one of the country’s largest corporate titans. The nice checkout person asked for our loyalty card, which we promptly surrendered, and she handed us a folder containing a new card, which she said we needed to activate online.

What time is it in Pyeongchang?

olympic logo.jpg
The 23rd Olympic Winter Games are just around the corner, and many of you will want to follow all the action that will be going on in the mountains of Pyeongchang, in the Republic of Korea.
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