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Louisa Blair launches children’s book

Childrens book.jpg

Aldo the donkey was happy to greet the public in the close of the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity on Monday, December 22. Aldo was there with his "person" - Louisa Blair - for the launch of her delightful children's book, Daisy and the Donkey Church.

On your mark, get set, skate!

Photo: Shirley Nadeau

On Boxing Day, December 26, the high-tech skating oval on the Plains of Abraham opened, to the delight of Quebec City residents and visitors alike. To celebrate the event, hot chocolate was handed out to the first 200 people who laced up their skates, compliments of the Ville de Québec and the National Battlefields Commission.

The story behind the name Rue d’Édimbourg

Photo: Bill Cox

Rue d'Édimbourg, a residential street in the Val-Bélair district of Quebec City, is named after Edinburgh, Scotland's second largest city, and the seventh largest city in the United Kingdom.

Some sources say Edinburgh was named after King Edwin, who built a fortress at the top of the volcanic hill called Castle Rock in the seventh century.

Letter to the Editor

Street or rue?

Has the word "Street" been banned in the newspaper? Bill Cox uses rue in his description of various streets. Cathy Mills Rouleau has hopped on the wagon with "rue Turnbull." We already have CBC Radio on rue Saint-Jean. What happened to English-language media?

~John O'Connor

Get ready for for the Pentathlon des Neiges

It's time to register for the Pentathlon des Neiges! The 11th season of fun and games in the snow will be taking place from January 31 to March 1, 2015.

Memorials and Things of Fame

The Morning Chronicle
The New Year's greetings which we repeat to all our readers in print, we hope to offer to our intimates in our personal presence, when the hand and the "Happy

Holy Door at the Basilica now sealed

holy door.jpg
Photo: Cassandra Kerwin

On December 28, Cardinal Gérald Lacroix invited the congregation and the public to the Cathedral-Basilica Notre-Dame de Québec for the sealing of the Holy Door, the final event in the year-long celebration of the parish's 350th anniversary.

Families were invited to take part in afternoon activities in the Jardin de la Porte Sainte featuring giant marionettes, a choir, and a live Nativity Scen

Community Christmas Hampers deliver holiday happiness

Photo: Shirley Nadeau

Santa's helpers delivered boxes laden with groceries, including fresh meats, vegetables, fruit, milk, eggs, and non-perishables on Saturday, December 20, to over 200 households. The hampers ensured that designated families would have a substantial Christmas dinner on the table on December 25, with some extra to see them through the holiday season.

Hôtel de Glace gives a chilly but charming welcome

Ice hotel.jpg
Photo: Shirley Nadeau

The Hôtel de Glace opened to the public on Saturday, January 3. "It was cold earlier than usual this year, so our expert teams were able to start working in mid-November," explained site supervisor Gilles Roy. "This gave us six weeks to complete phase 1, including the chapel, the ice bar, the Great Hall and many of our theme suites and rooms.

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