July 12 2017 Edition

Back to the future: Trudeau vs Mulroney in 2023?

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We passed by Saint-Léon-de-Westmount church the other day on a stroll through our old Montreal haunts. And I had an epiphany, not a religious one, more like a political flash forward.

Arts Alive! Québec celebrates Canada’s 150th birthday

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Photo: Mary McCown
The third annual Arts Alive! Québec festival helped Canada celebrate its 150th birthday at the Morrin Centre. On Sunday, July 2, free workshops were offered all day.

The first Oh Canada! Book Quest! event of the summer kicked off the party at 10 a.m. Young book lovers met Sunday morning and made Canada Day crafts. 

Calling all choristers to the Cathedral

Please note:
The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity will be hosting the Fourth Chamber Organ and Choral Festival from August 15 - 17, with a concert including a string quartet from the Orchestre symphonique de Québec on Thursday, August 17 at 12:30 p.m.

Quebec City celebrates its 409th anniversary

Photo: Mary McCown
It was a busy and wonderful weekend in Quebec City where Canada 150 celebrations seemed to be taking place on every corner but another important anniversary was celebrated just a couple of days later.

Valcartier receives a birthday gift from Mont Saint-Sacrement School

valcartier present.jpg
Photo: Allison Kirkwood

The Municipality of Saint-Gabriel-de-Valcartier recently received a colourful birthday gift from the students at École secondaire Mont Saint-Sacrement (MSS).

Last year, the school, which traces its origins to the former Valcartier Ski Lodge, celebrated its 60th anniversary at the same time the municipality was marking the 200th year since the settlement began.

Discover Valcartier and book boxes this summer

book boxes.jpg
Photo: Debbie Chakour

There are two good reasons to visit Saint-Gabriel-de-Valcartier this summer. First, with a tablet or smartphone you can take the 10-stop tour of the village and see a bit of its 200-year history hidden in the beautiful scenery.

Benches installed at the Passerelle des Trois Soeurs

Photo: provided by the Ville de Québec

The Ville de Québec recently inaugurated a set of benches installed at both ends of the Passerelle des Trois Sœurs, a pedestrian-bicycle bridge which was opened in the spring of 2016 to connect Rue Bourdages, on the north shore of the St. Charles River, with Park Victoria on the south shore.

There are many Strongmen in Quebec

quebec strongmen.jpg

Men from our province are often featured in Strongman contests. Their physical strength was, and still is, a source of pride. The Musée québécois de culture populaire in Trois-Rivières even had an exhibition last year explaining the keen interest we have with this sport, entitled “Flesh and Muscle, The strongmen phenomenon in Quebec.”

Consort Laurentia present Vivaldi & Company at the Cathedral

consort_midi en musique.jpg
Photo: Shirley Nadeau

The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity’s Midi en Musique summer concert series opened on July 6 with an exquisite concert by the Consort Laurentia, a highly talented trio of musicians consisting of Peggy Bélanger (soprano), Michel Anger (theorbe) and Rachel Baillargeon (cello).

Amerigo Vespucci visits Quebec City

Photo: Shirley Nadeau
Dubbed by some the “most beautiful ship in the world” the Italian sail training ship Amerigo Vespucci was in port last week, and people flocked around Quai 21 for a visit aboard this magnificent vessel. 
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