July 22 2015 Edition

Marathon mom’s new business helps women “shape up”

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Photo: Philippa Jabouin

Mylène Tantchou’s last competition was Université Laval’s 10-km race in September 2014. She finished in just over an hour, above her usual record, and for good reason. She had not been training actively since the birth of her three-year-old. 

BOSTON’s lead guitarist, Tom Scholz

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Photo: Jay Ouellet

Tom Scholz, founding member, guitar wizard and the only remaining member of the original group, played BOSTON’s top hits with his signature sound. From Wikipedia: “The violin-like sound of the guitars was created in the early 1970s by Scholz, an MSc graduate from MIT, and it was a truly distinctive innovation in American music.”  

Eastern art appeals to Western artists

Photo: Rachel Collet

From the late 19th century to the early 20th century, Japan greatly inspired western culture and artists. Indeed, Van Gogh is believed to have said, "My whole work is founded on the Japanese."

The Authentic Orleans strawberry: beat diabetes with your sweet tooth!

The Authentic Orleans strawberry, whose health benefits have been scientifically demonstrated by in vitro and in vivo trials, is now on the market. 

Consort Baroque Laurentia returns to Midi en Musique

midi en musique.jpg
Photo: Pierre LaRue

Artist invites interpretations of his Charest Cinema mural

Photo: Cassandra Kerwin

The QCT recently met with Phelipe Soldevila to talk about his latest art project. Soldevila is painting one of the remaining walls of the demolished Charest Cinema in Saint-Roch. The scope of the project looks overwhelming: the painting covers the entire 80mX10-m wall.

Memorials and Things of Fame

Photo: Great Ships website


The Morning Chronicle

The story behind Rue George-M.-Fairchild

Photo: Bill Cox

Rue George-M.-Fairchild in Cap-Rouge is named after writer George Moore Fairchild (1854-1912), the son of G. M. Fairchild.

Donnacona celebrating its 100th birthday

Chartered as a town on April 21, 1915, Donnacona is 100 years old this year. An industrial town, its motto is, appropriately, “Mets l’épaule à la roue” (put your shoulder to the wheel).

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