June 3 2020 Edition

Julia Caron is the new voice of Quebec AM

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Photo: Cassandra Kerwin

It was 2009, and Julia Caron had just finished a long afternoon teaching English in Cap-Rouge. The excruciatingly slow bus ride through downtown traffic ended a few stops early, because the 2010 Olympic torch relay was scheduled to come through Place d’Youville. Caron heard protesters chanting and, intrigued, stepped a bit closer.

Opening for business, at last!

Photo by Danielle Burns


Goose-stepping yogis

Photo by Lise Lafond


Asterisk* be damned! Bring on the NHL play-ins!

Turning now to sports news. The National Hockey League (NHL) has announced its “return to play” plan. In an extraordinary move dictated by extraordinary times, the league has decided to include the Montreal Canadiens in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Meet former QCT paperboy Patrick Guay

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Photo: Danielle Burns

Patrick Guay was filming a tourism video with Québec City Business Destination (with whom he works) in Joan of Arc Garden, when this journalist overheard English being spoken. My curiosity won and I introduced myself as a QCT journalist, hoping to discover what they were filming.

Introducing Kerry-Ann King, the masked facemask maker

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Photo: Sheila Shakibaian

Premier Legault suggests that people wear a facemask, although it isn’t yet mandatory. It is strongly recommended to wear one when using public transportation, picking up groceries, and in any situation where physical distancing (six feet/two metres) is not possible.

Marking 150th anniversary of Red River Expedition: Part 2

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Photo: Wikimedia Commons - Public Domain

Reaching Thunder Bay at the end of May 1870, the expedition prepared for travel through the Rainy River region, down the Winnipeg River, to the Red River Settlement.

April showers bring May … or June flowers



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June 3, 1870 – The Morning Chronicle

Frontier Baseball League still exploring a shortened season

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Photo: Luc Lang

The Frontier Baseball League’s board of directors are still exploring options for a shortened 2020 season for this summer. The league’s commissioner, Bill Lee, said in a press release that the league wants to keep everyone involved up to date. “While we would love to be playing baseball, there are many factors involved in the decision as to when or if we will be able to open.”

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