March 24 2021 Edition

Legault and Labeaume reach deal: Tramway back on track

Photo: Ville de Québec

Quebec City’s ambitious tramway project is back on track after the city and the Quebec government appear to have resolved differences that derailed the plan for months.

Mayor Régis Labeaume proclaimed an “understanding” on March 17 after a 75-minute meeting on Parliament Hill with Premier François Legault and ministers involved in the file.

The old ‘cannonball tree’ is going … going . . . gone!

Photos by Shirley Nadeau


Starting on March 16, tree removal experts slowly and carefully cut off and removed the upper branches of the famous “cannonball tree” at the corner of Rue du Corps-de-Garde and Rue Saint-Louis in Old Quebec.

And now for some good news about the greenhouse effect


Photo: Wikimedia Commons - Public Domain

Our neighbourhood hardware store switched up the signs in the window last week. Out with the sign announcing the skate sharpening service; in with the one announcing that McKenzie seeds are now in stock.

STREET VIEWS: The story behind Rue Le Mercier

32421_street mercier.jpeg
Photo: Screenshot from Google Maps

This street in the Pointe-de-Sainte-Foy district of Quebec City is named after François-Marc-Antoine Le Mercier (1722-1798), a French artillery officer who first arrived in Canada in 1740 as a cadet in the colonial regular troops. In 1743, after studying engineering and gunnery, he was appointed second ensign and attached to the service of the commissary of artillery.


32421_memorials fishing.jpg
Photo: Wikimedia Commons - Public Domain

March 25, 1871 – The Morning Chronicle

Baie de Beauport park improvements planned next to terminal

32421_baie de beauport.jpg
Photo: Port of Québec

Promoters of the huge Laurentia container terminal project on the Beauport waterfront are mounting a public relations offensive with the announcement of improvements for the neighbouring beachside park and the mass distribution of a brochure to households in the city.

'Le Sang du pélican' at Cinéma Le Clap


Photo: Les Distributions Netima and Productions Dionysos

The QCT does not normally review French-language films, but Le Sang du pélican is an outstanding exception. It will be playing at Cinéma Le Clap in Ste-Foy as of March 26.

Valcartier Elementary School holds mini St. Patrick’s Day parade

32421_VES parade1.JPG
Photo: Leigh-Anne Fischer-Fiset

Valcartier Elementary School (VES) held a mini St. Patrick’s Day parade for members of the Golden Age Club and residents of the Habitations Communautaires in Saint-Gabriel-de-Valcartier on March 17. Students and staff decided that everyone needed a boost and St. Patrick’s Day would be the perfect time.

Up and coming entertainment


Imagine a virtual Imagination Writers’ Festival at the Morrin Centre

Due to the ongoing pandemic and restrictions on large indoor gatherings, the Morrin Centre will be holding the 2021 Imagination Writers’ Festival online from April 6 to April 11.

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