November 26 2014 Edition

News Digest November 26 2014


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News Digest November 26 2014


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Talking turkey at Carter Hall

Photo: Shirley Nadeau

Four 25-pound turkeys. That's how many it took to feed the 110 people who came to the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity's Carter Hall last Saturday evening - for an early American Thanksgiving Dinner or a really early Christmas Dinner, call it what you will, friends and families got down to business.

Twelve tables of eight.

St. Andrew’s Day celebration fit for a “chieftain of the pudding race!”

Photo: Ruby Pratka

Members and friends of Quebec City's Scottish community gathered at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in Old Quebec on Saturday evening to celebrate St.

An Irish connection with the Royal 22e Régiment

22 regiment.jpg
Photo: Mitch Vandenborn

While the Royal 22e Régiment is one of Canada's best-known Francophone units, it does have an interesting connection with Irish heritage.

Miriam Schurman, a museum technician at the Royal 22e Régiment Museum, spoke about the history of the regiment last Monday at Irish Heritage Quebec's November meeting and shared some details about the Irish heritage of one of the regiment's well-known founde

Innovative private medical clinic ÉquiLibre opens its doors

medical clinic.jpg
Photo: Photo courtesy of Clinique médicale ÉquiLibre

When your car breaks down, you call a mechanic and an hour later, you are back on the road. Leaky roof? Call a construction company and tomorrow your roof is repaired. Life's little emergencies are handled with promptness and care in Quebec City. Yet real emergencies, like health problems, are all too often left unattended.

Memorials and Things of Fame

The Morning Chronicle
A correspondent complains that one of his children obtained from a circulation library in this city, a novel of a highly immoral tendency.

A great year for the Lifelong Learning program

lifelong learning.jpg
Photo: Photo by Laine LePage

When I was hired by the Quebec City Reading Council, I was so happy to be coordinating the Lifelong Learning program. Throughout the last year, Lifelong Learning presenters have educated and captivated us in equal measure with their knowledgeable presentations.

Drawn to Quebec: From Nouvelle-France to La Rochelle

bethanns sketch.jpg
Photo: Illustration © Bethann G. Merkle, 2014

It might seem strange for a couple from one of the western-most states in the U.S. to make a pilgrimage to the harbour from which the founders of Nouvelle-France set sail. And yet, La Rochelle was this writer's first stop during a recent tour of places in France with Quebec connections.


mccormick notice.jpg

John McCormick, age 92, passed away peacefully on Sunday November 23, 2014, at Laval Hospital in Quebec City. He is survived by wife Françoise, his children Lynn (Roger), Nancy (Denis), and John (Chantal); and his grandchildren Aidan-John, Peter, Edgar, Kyle Françoise and Bernard.

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