September 10 2014 Edition

Barrett, Helen

Barrett, Helen (nee Blackadder), born in 1924 in Quebec City, passed away peacefully in Vancouver, August 15, 2014, at the age of 90. Helen was predeceased by her husband Alex in February 2008.

Memorials and Things of Fame

The Morning Chronicle
We are requested to state that the English Cathedral will be open every morning during the present week, between the hours of ten and twelve o'clock to enable thos

The stories behind the names of Quebec City streets

Côte de Cap-Rouge

Photo: Photo by Bill Cox

Côte de Cap-Rouge passes under the CN train trestle near where the Cap-Rouge River flows into the St. Lawrence River. Jacques-Cartier Park and the beginning of the promenade that goes all the way to the Pierre Laporte Bridge, is to the right in this photo.

Tall Ships tell tales of the sea

Empire Sandy.jpg
Photo: Photo by Shirley Nadeau

Seven impressive sailboats lined the quays on both sides of the drawbridge of Bassin Louise this past weekend.

Mystery of history photo solved

Photo: Photo from QCT archives

What a surprise I got when I opened my August 20, 2014, QCT, and saw the old photograph taken in 1950 I cherished at one time. It brought back so many memories! It portrays one of the Sisters of my own community, the one on the lower right side (with the pigtails), Sister Suzanne Pineau.

Active Living 50+ offers Zumba, Yoga and Cardio-dance at the YWCA

Is how to stay active after hitting the big 5-0 occupying your thoughts? Are you struggling to find physical activity routines that are accessible and offered in English? Do you have friends who bemoan the difficulties of picking up a new fitness hobby while quenching their thirst to learn a second language in a dynamic immersion-friendly environment?

Avenue Maguire will be a busy place on September 12 and 13

On Friday, September 12, the Grand Prix Cycliste race will pass on Avenue Maguire for the first time. A giant screen will be installed so that people can follow the race around the city. Stéphane Turcot, sports announcer with TVA, will be present to enliven the day.

Many more special activities will be taking place on Avenue Maguire on Saturday, September 13.

QCT’s special 250th Anniversary Edition available at La Maison Anglaise

This 56-page glossy magazine, published on June 21, 2014, contains commentaries from Ray and Stacie Stanton, the publishers of the QCT, along with an introduction from the magazine's editorial team, Bethann Merkle and Shirley Nadeau.

Nine distinguished contributors - including members of the city's English-speaking community, an editorialist from Le Soleil, a former U.S.

Sacred Music Festival concerts at Saint-Dominique Church

Photo: Photo by Shirley Nadeau

The International Sacred Music Festival got off to a soaring start last weekend with two concerts at Saint-Dominique Church on Grande Allée.

On Saturday evening, the audience was treated to a masterful performance by three soloists of the Wiener Akademie from Vienna, Austria, directed by founder and organist Martin Haselbock.

Governor General Johnston unveils statue of Étienne-Paschal Taché

statue of tache.jpg
Photo: Photo by Shirley Nadeau

The Honorable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada, unveiled a statue of Étienne-Paschal Taché, one of the Fathers of Canadian Confederation, in the Parc de Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde, on Boulevard Champlain, Quebec City. Taché was the president of the committee which welcomed delegates to Quebec City in 1864 to discuss Canadian Confederation.

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